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Video Activist Handbook

Whether you are involved in campaign work, community organising,
or media studies, this is the book for you. ISBN: 0 7453 1174 1 hbk


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Legal info

Running Premiere 5.x on DC10+ card (analog in&out)
Video editting on a computer is an easy and cheap way to produce your
videos. A good semiprofesional program to use is Premiere from Pinnacle.
The advantage of an analog in&out is that you can digitalise analogue
(e.g. VHS) video footage. However, the DC30+ hardware which comes with
the software is relative expensive. One option is to look for a second
hand version. Another is to use the more simple (home version) software
and hardware DC10+. The disadventage is that its more limited and less
flexible in use. But: it is possible to use the DC10+ card and the
Premiere 5.x software. To do this you need to follow the instructions
we found on:
Here you find a few files to de-install the DC10+ software from your
computer and the files you have to swap in the original DC30+ driver
software, they are packed into two zipp files. Follow the instructions
on the site. It is important that you install the Premiere 5.x software
after de-installing the DC10+ software and before installing the DC30+
software. Our experiences were very good, the problem with
non-synchronic sound did not occur in our system.

Anti-Copyright means use freely for whatever you want, and comes from the
perspective that copyright should not exist at all or that there is no need
to copyright the information/image as you wish it to be distributed freely
and reused.


Copy Left means copyright except for non-profit making
initiatives/organizations where the it is used to positively poetry what it
sat out to do. If you are not sure what it originally set out to do you
must ask its creator. This means that you can use the (graphics, article etc.)
If you are not making money out or it and do not have the intention of doing go...


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