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On demonstrations and other actions there are more and more people
who film with camcorders. One reason for this is that in the last
couple of years the price of video camera’s decreased which makes
the equipment
payable for a larger public. As with the technical
development of digital video camera’s and the possibilities to edit
video on a normal computer have also increased. Most new computers that
you can buy nowadays have the capacity and the speed necessary for
editing video.

A lot of people are filming but are not really making something from
their footage, and you cannot show raw material to other people…
Therefore, we offer workshops to share the experiences with
camera and editing, that we made in the last couple of years.

What we can offer, in close exchange with you, is:
- How to prepare for a video report / documentary to make your work
  easier: from idea to the final video.
- How to use the camera: stills, zoom, moves, and how they work on
  the viewer.
- How to edit a video with Premiere, from capturing the selected scenes,
  editing the material, making titles and transitions, adding audio,
  rendering and exporting the video to tape.
- How to film during a demonstration or action: reasons to do it,
  what you should think about, responsibilities of the camera person.

The workshops can be given in Dutch, German and also in English -
get into contact when you are interested !

At the moment we are working on a Reader for
Video Training in German: More Information

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