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  Let's start having fun

Een nieuwe uitgave met medewerking van Organic Chaos Network, Extrapool en anderen.
8 Korte films op de multimediale doe-het-zelf cd-rom bij de dierenrechten
gids 'More fun for animals'. Een handvat van tekst, beeld en geluid voor actieve
tijden. Dit is een DIY project, doe-het-zelf. Het is echt ontzettend simpel en
bovenal leuk om vanuit het niets een complete actie op te zetten en uit te
voeren. Of het nu gaat om dierenrechten, anti-fascisme, kraken of een ander
onderwerp. Alles komt neer op een persoon, jij, die over gaat tot handelen.
Doe je voordeel met deze gids en cd-rom. Dan komen we je in de toekomst vast
tegen op straat. Zien, lezen, doen! Simpel doch doeltreffend...
Multimedia CD en boek
Cost: 10.- Euros zonder porto (5,20 in Nederland)
Boek is Nederlands, CD nederlands en engels
Mei 2005
To order send an e-mail to: ocp @ antenna.nl


  Bienvenue dans un futur Radieux

Welcome in a radient future
The documentary was recorded during the "Tour de France for nuclear phase-out"
which took place in the spring of 2004. It is a comprehensive overview
of the nuclear business in France and it shows several alternatives
to produce energy.
"A critical documentary about the different stations and places that form the nuclear chain".
About the relation between civil and military use of uranium and plutonium,
the working conditions in the nuclear factories, the dangers involved with
the transport and the retreatment factory in La Hague. About the 'new'
generation of nuclear reactors which are now under development and
for which a test plant will be built in France: The European Pressurised Reactor (EPR).
And about alternative ways to produce energy in a real renewable way.
More information :: English  Francais  German 
Cost: 10.- Euros
French, also available with German or English subtitles
45 min, October 2004
To order send an e-mail to: trojan @ nadir.org


  Direct Action video CD: already over 900 copies !

Direct action strategy has a long history. It means people can take action themselves
to counter unacceptable practices. People who do this think they have
the right - or even the obligation - to intervene and that they don't want
to wait for official approval.

On the CD there are over twenty videos (Dutch, English or German) with examples of different actions.
The videos on the CD are Mpeg format which you can play on most computers,
the resolution is good enough to play on full screen size.
For the content see :: direct action CD
Cost: 3.- Euros
Dutch, English or German
more than 1 hour, june 2004
To order send an e-mail to: trojan tv


  The Story of the Grenzcamp

An overview of the story of the anti racist No Border-Camp in Germany.
In half an hour the thematic development of the Grenzcamp is told,
from the beginning until the dramatic climax in 2003 in Cologne.
Made by: trojan tv
Cost: 10.- Euros (solidarity price) - including postal cost
English and German
32 min, October 2003
To order send an e-mail to: trojan @ nadir.org


  European NewsReal Videomagazine

This monthly video magazine contains short contributions of independent video activists
from all over Europe. The network strives to produce an edition every month which is
subtitled in several languages. The Dutch distribution is done by trojan tv.
Content of the NewsReal editions which are available so far.
More information on the NewsReal project.
Cost: 5.- Euros + 1.56 postal cost, for one edition.
       25.- Euros + 10.- postal costs, for a subscription for 6 editions.
Every edition is about 30 min total running time.
To order send an e-mail to: trojan @ nadir.org


   BPRC moet dicht - Close down BPRC
Sold over 200 copies !
For some years, several groups, organisations and individuals are campaigning against
the biggest primatecenter in Europe, the BPRC (Biomedical Primate Research Centre).
This primatecenter counts 1600 primates. Every day these animals suffer in useless tests.
Occupations, lock-ons, home visits, blockades, demonstrations, posters, flyers are
a few answers of animalrights activists.
This video is made by video- and animalrights activists. Have fun watching this video and
get active!
Made by: Organic Chaos Network, Actiecampagne Koen
Camera: Organic Chaos Network, Animal Cruelty Investigastion Group, and others
Music: Scaven Productions
40 minutes Dutch/English
September 2002
Costs: 'low budget' 7 euro or 'solidarity price' 10 euro
To order send an e-mail to: ocn @ antenna.nl


  Europe Under Attack - critics and alternatives

After the collapse of the eastern bloc countries, the neo-liberal free market economy is promoted
even more strongly as the only functioning model. It is promised that economic globalisation
will increase the welfare everywhere around the world.
However, many people do not agree with this. On the background of large demonstrations
against the EU, several aspects of the EU are criticised: the Schengen treaty,
militarism, labour policy, etc. Starting points for alternative ways
of living together, which are not based on exploitation and exclusion, are introduced.
Made by: trojan tv
Cost: 10.- Euros - including postal cost
Two subtitled versions on one tape: English and German
2 x 35 min, May 2002
To order send an e-mail to: trojan @ nadir.org


  Deportation Alliance #1

The deportation-class campaign is aimed against the deportation bussiness of airline
compagnies. It is part of the campaign to spoil the image of these airlines by coupling
their identity to the dark side of their bussiness.
The video shows examples of the actions against KLM and Lufthansa: touring with
the deportation busses, occupation of a roof near the deportation jail at the
Frankfurt airport, the civil war lottery in the city center of Bremen, and
more from the history of the campaign.
pre-view 1pre-view 2pre-view 3.
Deportation Alliance website
Made by: trojan tv
Cost: 10.- Euros - including postal cost
German spoken
30 min, May 2002
To order send an e-mail to: trojan @ nadir.org


Pink & Silver

Advertisement video on this 'new' action concept, which made it's first appearence in Prague.
This video shows its different aspects and can be used to discuss and to prepare for action.
Pink & Silver is unpredictable & elusive, its fast & furious!
Made by: trojan tv (part of OCN)
Cost: 5.- Euros & including postal costs
8 min, January 2002
To order send an e-mail to: trojan @ nadir.org


  The Voice Refugee Forum - Refugees as Political Prisoners

The human rights situation in the homelands of refugees is still ignored. During the
congress the connection was made between political prisoners there (e.g. Cameroon and
Guinea Conakry) and here. Refugees here should also be seen as political prisoners.
Their political expression is structurally made impossible by laws such as the
'residenzpflight' (restriction of movement). During the congress the role of NGOs
was critically discussed.
Made by trojan tv
Now also available on DVD
Cost: 5.- Euros - including postal cost
English and German spoken
24 min, February 2002
To order send an e-mail to: trojan @ nadir.org


   No Border, No Nation

During the 4th antiracist bordercamp in Germany, at the airport of Frankfurt am Main
a diversity of actions took place: the raid on the stockmarket, the blockades of the
airport "when we are not allowed inside, we will stay outside!"
and the discovery of a new colour.
Made by: ag WiesenWideo and trojan tv
Cost: 10.- Euros - including postal costs
German spoken
60 min, August 2001
To order send an e-mail to: trojan @ nadir.org


 Gothenburg 2001 -an impression-
SOLD OUT (sorry...)

From 14 - 17 Juni 2001 the EU summit was held in Goteburg, Sweden. Bush also paid a visit
to the EU 'leaders'. The day before the summit started the police surrounded the Hvitfeldska
Gymnasium in which a few hundered activists were organising a counter summit. The activists
tried to break out peacefully. After that the police raided the school. In the following days
the streets were not silent anymore. The police, who provoked most of the violence, could not
control the situation. They shot three people.
This video documents the first day at the Hvitfeldska Gymnasium and shows a compilation of
the images which were shown in the news around the world.
Made by: trojan tv (part of OCN)
Cost: 5.- Euros - including postal costs
some English interviews
23 min, June 2001
To order send an e-mail to: trojan @ nadir.org


 Guerrilla Vision

As we call an unannounced open-air video projection, is a means of direct action. This video
shows the experiences of several groups with this action form. It is a means to inform,
confront and make people (more) aware. An important aspect is the possibility of direct
interaction on the street.
Made by: trojan tv and Organic Chaos Network
Cost: 5.- Euros & including postal costs
English or German !
18 min, March 2001
To order send an e-mail to: trojan @ nadir.org


 Climate talks, Money talks

To stop climate change, reductions in CO2 emissions of 60 - 90 % are necessary.
Yet during the 6th climate conference of the UN in The Hague (Cop 6) in November 2000,
it was only discussed how industrialised countries can achieve a completely inadequate
5.2 % reduction.
The mechanisms they want to use to achieve this are explained in the film, exposing
the real story behind the failures and inadequacies of the United Nations process.
Trading in carbon has become a new way to make money.
Activists of the Rising Tide Coalition and others are taking action to show that the
UN conferences are not climate talks, but money talks.
Stop talking - Take your own action !
Made by: trojan tv and Organic Chaos Network
Cost: 7.50 Euros
48 min, January 2001
To order send an e-mail to: trojan @ nadir.org

Now also in German:

Um die Klimaveränderung zu stoppen, sind Reduzierungen der CO2 Emissionen von 60-90%
erforderlich. Auf der 6.UN-Klimakonferenz in Den Haag im November 2000 wurde lediglich
diskutiert, wie industrialisierte Länder völlig unzureichende 5,2% erreichen können.
Die Mechanismen, die sie benutzen wollen, um das zu erreichen, werden erklärt. Sie illustrieren
die Geschichte der Fehler und Unzulänglichkeiten in den Verhandlungen der UN. Der Handel
mit Kohlenstoff wird zu einer neuen Möglichkeit, Geld zu machen.
Die AktivistInnen von Rising Tide machen Aktionen, um zu zeigen, dass die UN-Konferenzen
keine Verhandlungen über das Klima, sondern um’s Geld sind.
To order send an e-mail to: trojan @ nadir.org


 Try and Error: Cologne '99 'Strategies against global summits'
Sold over 150 copies, and... Sold out!

After half a year of discussions about what to do with the pictures and experiences that were
made in Cologne during the EU and G8 summits in may and june 1999, our video was finished.
Next to pictures of the actions and demonstrations
in Cologne and the protests surrounding the summits, such as the Inter Continental
Caravan (ICC), the video discusses critically the protests and their strategies.
How should/can the ‘left’ movement deal with these ‘global summits’? Are there still any
possibilities of giving a powerful and radical dissident voice among  leaders of the
states, cultural events, mass protest marches etc...?
With this video we hope to start up discussions about these kind of questions. A lot
of people were disappointed by the events in Cologne, but every year we have to deal
with new summits. Just ignore them? Groups in other countries, e.g. France
and Sweden, are again busy organising counter summits against the upcoming EU summits.
How can they use the experiences made in Cologne?
The  video is made in cooperation with several different groups and individuals
from the Netherlands (Organic Chaos Network) and Germany (Ak Kraak, Hex TV).
Costs: 8.- Euros
30 min, 1999/2000
To order send an e-mail to: ocp @ antenna.nl


  Betuwelijn 'Dood Spoor'
Sold over 200 copies

The Betuwe line is a key section of a new 160-km rail connection between Rotterdam and
Germany, part of the Trans European Network of large-scale infrastructure projects that
have met with serious opposition throughout Europe.
In the Netherlands, too, there has been a campaign of direct action from squatted buildings
along the construction route, mainly by activists of Groen Front! (Dutch Earth First!). This
film documents the action campaign to oppose and delay the freight link, which was sold to the
public as ‘environmental’ but which leaked reports have recently shown to be even worse for the
environment than transport by road.
Made by: Organic Chaos Productions, vv Groen Front!
Costs: 8.- Euros
30 min, 2000
To order send an e-mail to: ocp @ antenna.nl


 'Smash the Border'

After the anti-racist border camps in Rothenburg (1998) and Zittau (1999)
the German campaign 'kein mensch ist illegal’ (no one is illegal) for the
third time organised a camp at the border river Neisse, this time in
Forst (Brandenburg) from July 28 to August 6, 2000. This video documents
several of the divers actions which took place during this week, such as a
teach-in about anti-semitism, „reclaim the station” in Cottbus, changing
food-vouchers of refugees against money, a blockade of a border police post
and a pretended petrol control.
Made by: trojan tv
Costs: 5.- Euros - including postal costs
German & English spoken & English subtitles
23 min, Sept. 2000
To order send an e-mail to: trojan @ nadir.org


  'Schrott Performance III'

A video registration of the third SchrottMetallFeuerOrgie
by Zero Intolerance with live music from Völkermord and Fusion.
Performed at the AZ Mülheim on December 15, 2000. DIY culture!
Made by: trojan tv
Costs: 5.- Euros - including postal costs
No Language
40 min, Dec. 2000
To order send an e-mail to: trojan @ nadir.org


 'Lausitzer Wochenschau'

This video has a more reflecting character compared to ‘Smash the Border’. It deals
with several of the actions and themes which where important during the 3rd anti-racist
border camp at the German-Polish Border which took place from July 29 to August 6, 2000.
Actions who deal with the situation at border, actions which point on the shift of borders
into the country, the support of refugees at the border, how to deal with anti-Semitism,
the large media attention the camp got and our own the action potential.
Made by: trojan tv
Costs: 7.- Euros - including postal costs
45 min, Dec. 2000
To order send an e-mail to: trojan @ nadir.org


 'Section 140' The making of a criminal organisation
Sold over 200 copies, and sold out...

Video about the Eurosummit in Amsterdam (1997).
Made by: Uncontrolled Productions
Distributed by: Organic Chaos Productions
Costs: 7.- Euros
30 min, 1997
To order send an e-mail to: ocp @ antenna.nl


L'operation: Bustrip to Aspe-Valley
A video about actions against a road in the Aspe Valley (French Pyrenees).
Made by: Organic Chaos Productions, Aspe Groep Nederland.
Costs: 6.- Euros
20 min, 1997
To order send an e-mail to: ocp @ antenna.nl

Car Free Cities?
A video about different things you can do to resist car culture.
This video was a result of a workshop running during the conference: Towards Car Free Cities.
Made by: Activists from the conference.
Costs: 6.- Euros
30 min, 1997
To order send an e-mail to: ocp @ antenna.nl

Buttons: Costs 1.20 Euros (incl. 0.50 Euro postal costs)
To order send an e-mail to: ocp @ antenna.nl

 Smash your television

Badges: Costs 1 Euro (incl. 0.50 Euro postal costs)
To order send an e-mail to: ocp @ antenna.nl


Media related items:

 The complete manual of Pirate Radio

This pamphlet is intended for everyone who has a message to communicate, but
no means with which to do it. 'The complete manual of Pirate Radio' will
provide the information necessary to obtain that means. So, if you want
to provide an alternative to the corporate controlled newspapers and
magazines, the insane holwing on religious radio and TV stations,
reactionary pap on commercial stations (designed to offend neither
advertisers nor corporate owners), and 'public' (government owned)
stations, order it!
Made by: Zeke Teflon
Costs: 5.- Euros including postal costs
ISBN 0-9613289-9-1
To order send an e-mail to: ocp @ antenna.nl


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