Dissatisfied with what we see as the one-sided reports produced by the mainstream media, we
have set up our own alternative: Organic Chaos Productions. With this not-for-profit organization
we intend to report on the undercurrents in society, and show what the mainstream media prefer
not to broadcast.

Organic Chaos Productions is part of Federatie Kollektief Rampenplan ('Emergency Planning
Collective Federation'), a group of people expressing their dissatisfaction with the existing (power)
structures of society through self-management and political action. We don't feel like sitting back
quietly in a corner watching the Earth being destroyed. Nor do we feel like working in an economic
system of self-destruction. Which is why we're part of those undercurrents. By making action and
campaigning videos we want to contribute to social change.


We videotape actions and campaigns around such issues as environmental protection, social
justice, human rights, animal rights, squatting and anti-fascism, both in the Netherlands and
abroad. We make videos, which we show in community and youth centres, cinecentres and squats
and at action camps and benefit concerts (etc.) throughout Europe. We also make action and
campaigning videos for various organizations. Because our field of work is international, most of
our videos are in the English language.
We distribute and sell video productions on a not-for-profit basis.

In addition, we try to link up with existing (international) initiatives, cooperating with a variety of
(subversive) organizations and activists to give them an opportunity to report on their activities in
their own words and with their own images. And help them get their message across. In this way
we support these organizations and activists and they support us, both practically and financially.


We see video activists as people who use video as a tactical tool to publicize such issues as
social (in)justice and environmental conservation. In the hands of a video activist, a camcorder
can become a powerful political tool. Filming at actions generally helps reduce police violence, for
example. Editing equipment can become a basis for drawing up a political agenda, a video
projector a means to create social awareness.

We ourselves ask nothing in return for our work. To use the jargon, we are 'voluntarily jobless': we
do voluntary work, make up our own minds about how we shape our lives and certainly don't see a
paid job as the 'be all and end all' of our time on the planet.

If you want to hear more, or if you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact us:

Organic Chaos Productions
e-mail: ocp[at]antenna.nl

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