Dissatisfied with what we see as the one-sided reports produced by the mainstream media,
several organisations and persons have set up an alternative: Organic Chaos Network. With this
non-profit and copyleft network we intend to report, spread and exchange information on the
undercurrents in society, and show what the mainstream media prefer not to broadcast.


Throughout the world people, groups and organisations videotape actions and campaigns around
issues such as environmental protection, social justice, human rights, animal rights, squatting and
anti-fascism. The idea of this video network is to link up with existing and create new initiatives to
broaden the opportunity for (subversive) organisations and activists to report on their activities in
their own words and images. To enable a free and widespread flow of information, which is one of
our main aims, we want to overcome barriers such as money by working on a voluntarily basis.


We exchange video footage, video equipment and information about who, when and where to film.
We want to create one or several archives, where people can send as well as receive copies of
footage for further editing or distribution. Next to exchanging copyleft footage we want to give as
many people and organisations as possible the opportunity to produce films themselves. The
idea is to coordinate information about where to hire/lend/use equipment like camera's and
editing equipment and who can give training's in filming and editing. To overcome everyone or no
one filming the same action/gathering/demonstration we try to co-ordinate who is filming when
and where to make video activism as effective and wide-spread as possible. Further we want to
create legal advice and support for video activists.


By doing guerilla style media actions we want to use the medium video as an actiontool itself.
One example is to bring certain issues at the right moment into the streets. These screenings can
take place at anytime and anywhere.


We see video activists as people who use video as a tactical tool to publicise such issues as
social (in)justice and environmental conservation. In the hands of a video activist, a camcorder
can become a powerful political tool. Filming at actions generally helps reduce police violence.
Editing equipment can become a basis for drawing up a political agenda, a video projector a
means to create social awareness.

If you want to hear more or have any questions don't hesitate to contact us

Have fun anarchizing society!

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