Welcome into a Radiant Future
(Bienvenue dans un Futur Radieux)
a video documentary by trojan tv


From the uranium mines in Niger to the nuclear power plants in France and finally to the radioactive waste stockage:

"A critical documentary about the different stations and places that form the nuclear chain".



About the relation between civil and military use of uranium and plutonium, the working conditions in the nuclear factories, the dangers involved with the transport and the retreatment factory in La Hague.



About the 'new' generation of nuclear reactors which are now under development and for which a test plant will be built in France: The European Pressurised Reactor (EPR).
And about alternative ways to produce energy in a real renewable way.

Locronan (Ile Longue)


In the spring of 2004 the "Tour de France for nuclear phase-out" took place. During one month a caravan with fourty people visited different sites of importance for the nuclear industry in France. There where different vehicles, a theatre group which performed the play 'Tchernobyl Now', and an exhibition truck with information and examples of renewable energies. The purpose of the tour was to inform the local public about the treats and the negative aspects of nuclear energy.



The 45 min documentary "Welcome into a Radiant Future" (Bienvenue dans un Futur Radieux) was recorded during this tour: it is a comprehensive overview of the nuclear business in France and it shows several alternatives to produce energy.


Uranium reserves

The video is available as VHS or DVD.
The language is French and it is also available with German or English subtitles.
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More information about the Tour de France pour sortir du nucleaire :: www.sortirdunucleaire.org

During the Tour de France for nuclear phase-out, 15 short video reports where made. They can be watched at 'short anti-nuclear clips'

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