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On-line videos made by OCN

Here you can find the videos that are on-line available ::  on-line Videos
The other videos we distribute are in our :: Video Shop

Letís start having fun

A multimedia DIY CD-rom and booklet, named ĎMore fun for animalsí.
On this project you find lots of creative ideas for active times. Itís really simple and above all a lot of fun to organize an action. It doesnít matter which item you choose, animal rights, anti-fascism, squatting etc. Itís all about you starting to do something. Take advantage of this CD-rom and weíll see you in the streets for sure. See it, read it and do it! Simple but efficient.

The booklet is in Dutch the CD-rom in English :: Videos Shop

                   NEW VIDEO OUT :
Welcome into a Radiant Future

From the uranium mines in Niger to the nuclear power plants in France and finally to the radioactive waste stokage: A critical documentary about the different stations and places that form the nuclear chain.
This 45 min documentary now available:
    Bienvenue dans un Futur Radieux (francais)
    Willkommen in der Strahlenden Zukunft (deutsch)
    Welcome into a radiant Future (english)

Some people from trojan tv, one of the collectives of the Organic Chaos Network, also made short video reports from the Tour, you can watch the videos here (english + francais).

Direct Action Video CD
Already over 900 copies out ! available in Dutch, English or German

A CD with direct action videos !
Direct action strategy has a long history. It means people can take action themselves to counter unacceptable practices. People who do this think they have the right - or even the obligation - to intervene and that they don't want to wait for official approval.
On the CD there are more than twenty videos with examples of different actions.
For the content and the way to obtain a copy see :: direct action CD

European Newsreal Videomagazine

The European Newsreal is a not-for-profit network of independent video makers and screeners. The network wants to connect people and regional groups within Europe.
A monthly videomagazine with contributions from all over Europe is produced, in as many as possible languages translated, subtitled and screened locally.
Read more (in dutch) and Get involved !

screeners-nl : email lijst

At the moment there are quite some groups in NL who are showing videos on a more or less regular basis. Great! But how to fill your program with interesting films and videos ? Often a lot of work and very often you just don't have the right video on the topic you want to show something about. Why not work together? This is an attempt to set-up a basis for exchange: an email list for screeners in the Netherlands. You can subscribe here : screeners-nl
The list is stricktly for exchange about video - nothing else !

'BPRC moet dicht - Close down BPRC'

For some years, several groups, organisations and individuals are campaigning against the biggest primatecenter in Europe, the BPRC (Biomedical Primate Research Centre). This primatecenter counts 1600 primates. Every day these animals suffer in useless tests. Occupations, lock-ons, home visits, blockades, demonstrations, posters, flyers are a few answers of animalrights activists. This video is made by video- and animalrights activists. Have fun watching this video and get active. 
Watch online (Real) or order in our shop.

Watch video stills from OCN-footage shot during actions at BPRC on:

Soon there will be more news...