Fight against Fascism and Racism !
Together and with all means – also in YOUR neighbourhood

Essen 26-4-2001
On May 1, 2001 the fascist NPD wanted to march again, this time in the city of Essen, Germany.
In the evening of April 26, anti-fascists have paid a visit to the Rellinghauser Str. 110 in Essen
where Dietmar Breyl lives one of the leaders of the NPD and also of the “Kameradschaft
Essen/Bochum” (an organisation of neo-nazis). He was also the leader of the “Nationalistische
Front (NF)”, which is meanwhile forbidden. In front of his house a video was shown to show the
regional neo-nazi structures out in the open. Faces and addresses of neo-nazis living in the
region were projected. Parts from the video “Köln stellt sich Quer”, about the successful actions
against a nazi-march in 1999, were shown. People living in the neighbourhood reacted positively.
“I live here and didn’t know about this”, “I’m very excited that these people are taking action, this
should happen more often”, “I have a shop in this neighbourhood and undergo racist harassments
every day – this action supports me”.
More anti-fascist screenings will follow! - Next time at your local Nazi ?!






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