Your Neighbour, the Nazi!

Dortmund 28-2-2001
Antifascism means Attack! But what comes before that?
Antifascism also means research. Which nazi lives were, what activities does he or she employ,
which connections excist?
Antifascism means publicity, fascist crimes and relationships must be brought in the open, loud
and clear, the killing silence must bebroken.
Antifa means showing were you stand. Not only pointing on the Nazi's, but also on the brown
middle of the society. Not only pointing on the fascist terror but also on the racism of the state.
Antifascism also means disturbing fascist marches. Going to every nazi-demonstration and
protesting, moving against nazi's and the cops protecting them.

Some of us want to determine the moment of anti-fascist resistance ourselves, instead of only
reacting on the Nazi-marches.
On February 28 2001, three days before another Nazi-march in Dortmund (Germany), about 80
Anti-fascists visited the house of Siggi Borchardt in the nord-city of Dortmund. Borchardt is one of
the leaders in Dortmunds nazi-scene. In front of his house a manifestation was made. Flyers
describing the activities of the nazi's including details on the main persons, were distributed
amongst the neighbours. Loud music was played and an antifascist video was projected on a

Organise the Antifascist Resistance!

The antifascist video which was used consists of several parts. It started with a chronicle,
displaying the names of the people which were killed in the last decade by nazi's (the incomplete
list shows over 100 names). After that there were scenes which show nazi-activities, such as
marches together with antifascist music and projected texts. Another part consists of pictures of
the nazi's living in Dortmund and surrounding. The aim of the video is to take the nazi's out of their
anonymity, and to show who's responsible for their inhuman crimes.
The most important aim is that with actions like this we want to take the initiative and make
antifascist resistance possible.

What do you need for a screening:

* A videotape with short clear messages (ours is 13 min in total, which can be repeated)
* A video-beamer, preferably with the possibility to project negatively on a screen (e.g. a sheet
   held by two poles) so that the people can watch it on the other side
* An amplifier for video sound, music and speeches
* A generator, strong enough but silent
* A small truck, which can also serve as a stage
* Good flyer
* Speeches
* Enough people for technical stuff, speeches, moderation, to secure the action and
   to talk to the cops
* Fun

During the editing process of the video we noticed that it was difficult to get pictures and video
material of (clear) antifascist activities. Maybe there is not so much? We would like to have some
more to improve our clip. We don't want to expose faces of antifascists but want to make anti-
fascist resistance visible. We would be grateful for support! When you are interested in the video
or the action - send us an email. We would also like to hear about experiences of other people
who did screenings (not necessarily on this subject).


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