Guerilla Vision

By doing guerilla style media actions we want to use the medium video as an actiontool itself.
One example is to bring certain issues at the right moment into the streets. These screenings can
take place at anytime and anywhere.

Some examples:

Dortmund (Antifa Screening)

Essen (Antifa Screening)

Groningen (CCTV Screening)

  Guerrilla Vision is a video we made about these actions

(Also available in dutch or german)

Open-air screenings is an action tool to confront people directly with certain themes and opinions
via the medium video. A screening can take place spontaneously, at a by ourselves determined
and unannounced time and place. Counter information is shown, and with this unusual action form
direct interaction with local communities becomes possible. To sustain the surprise character,
which we see as a power of the action, we think one should not ask for permits.
Such a screening can stand on its own or in relation with other activities and/or campaigns. It is a
part of the alternative media and provides people with thoughts and information which is not given
by the regular media. It is a confrontation and it can make people (more) aware of certain facts or
situations. Screenings can be used as an action form for various themes, the action itself is a
means to draw the attention.

What do you need for a screening

* A videotape with short items and clear messages
* A video recorder
* A video projector
* A projecting screen
* An amplifier for video sound, music and speeches
* A generator
* A small truck, which can also serve as a stage
* Possible: flyers to explain the action and the themes that the action deals with
* Fun


So far some very good experiences with actions where made where people went to the houses
of neo-nazis and showed their regional structures in their neighbourhood. Another time people
went to a city centre where camera surveillance is introduced. With the screening the activists
wanted to make people aware of the consequences that this has on their lives.
From the what-do-you-need list you can see that a screening is fairly simple. However, experience
learns that a lot can go wrong, so try out the whole equipment before the action. Double check if
everything is there before you leave. At one action somebody delivered a cable which didn't fit in
the video recorder because of the plastic armature. Because of there was a spare set of cables
it was still possible to go on with the action. However, you cannot have spares of everything. On
another occasion the video recorder broke down so the action had to be canceled on the spot.
It's best to have your own portable screen, it makes you more flexible with the place you are
projecting. The best is a screen which you can project through, the people are standing on the
back side where there is more space. For this you need a video projector which can project
negatively. To find a good place it's best to walk around in the neighbourhood a week or so
before the action. Can you reach the spot easily and also leave after the action? At what time is it
dark enough? One action was on a perfect place but at the moment the action started, a 30.000
Watt lamp lit up above the screen. Normal projectors can only be used when it's getting dark.
There exist types which you can also use during daytime but they are very expensive. Are there
enough people? It's good to bring a group of people with you to support the action, so that the
cops can't send you away so easily. You can make some advertisement for an action. However,
we think people might be more interested and remember it afterwards when they didn't expect it.
The surprise character is also important because it makes it harder for the cops to deal with it. It's
good to have two people or so who talk to the cops, basically to buy time. We think a part of the
action is claiming a part of the public space for a certain time. We think one should not ask
permission from anybody for this. We don't think 'reclaiming' is the right word because the streets
and public spaces didn't belong to us at a certain time - we just want to be able to use them as
well, this time to show our vision.

See you next time!

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